Disused Mine Shaft and Star Trails

Lake District, Cumbria

After a day of extremely heavy rain while I was staying in the Coppermines Valley near Coniston, the sky cleared for the first and pretty much only time during my visit to the Lake District. I decided to head back to this disused mine shaft, The Old Engine Shaft, to try and capture some star trails.
I was curious what exactly the tower was used for. Apparently it held a trough feeding a huge water wheel which powered the pump and winding gear used in the shaft.
Well done if you spotted the shooting star. This occurred within the first few frames so I was lucky enough to see it with my own eyes. Later I would have been too busy alternating between trying to sleep and trying to keep warm to notice it. Neither with much luck.

More details:
Date taken:October 29th 2014
Country:England (more)
City:South Lakeland District
Location:Lake District

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