Transylvanian Barn and Haystack

A field in Măgura. Next to the barn is a newly built haystack and one under construction. Romania has a unique tradition of haystack building, which is deeply embeded into the culture and language. The phrase "spark over a very dry haystack", for example, describes how quickly country-wide rebellion ignited following demonstrations in Timișoara against a government attempt to evict dissident pastor László Tőkés from his church flat, ending in the show trial and execution of Ceaușescu just a week later.
The knowledge of how to construct these haystacks has been passed down the generations for millenia. The precise method of construction results in the outer layer matting to form a water-proof crust. The wreath on top, nowadays often consisting of just a plastic bag, prevents the hay from blowing away from the top down.

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Date taken:July 30th 2014
Country:Romania (more)
State/Region:Brașov County

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